The Distribution of Non-Wage Benefits: Maternity Benefits and Gender Diversity

2022 (with Christos Makridis, Paige Ouimet, and Elena Simintzi), Review of Financial Studies, Forthcoming

Working Papers

Political Attitudes and Equity Market Reactions to Vaccine Mandate Bans

2023 (with Michael Cooper, Fan Li, and Yihui Pan)

Falling through the Glass Ceiling: The Gender Gap in Director Retention after Financial Restatements

2022 (with Sara Malik and Jordan Schoenfeld), Presented at: Bocconi University, CGECRS Seminar Series, Erasmus/RSM University, Tilburg University, and University of Michigan

The Effect of Changes in Legal Liability on Credit Rating Agencies’ Reliance on Financial Statement Information and Rating Quality

2022 (with Petrus Ferreira, Wayne Landsman, and Donny Zhao), Presented at: Emory University and University of Utah

How Does Leasing Affect Leverage

2021, Presented at: MFA 2022, EFA 2022, UNC Chapel Hill, University of Utah, University of Iowa, Rice, University of Houston, UCLA, Wilfrid Laurier, and Queen’s University

Do Credit Ratings Matter? Evidence from S&P’s 2013 Methodology Revision

2021 (with Anil Shivdasani), Presented at: Ohio State University and UNC Chapel Hill

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